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Dropping down from the rocky cliffs, this strain is indigenous to Ciskei. These plants are very small and compact during flowering due to their high altitude of 1500-2000 meters. A very hardy plant with a medium size which makes it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It has a fast flowering cycle, so you can enjoy its hard buds quickly. The Ciskei region was declared independent from South Africa under apartheid in 1981. These “homelands” during apartheid in South Africa were largely tribal and not governed under South African law and thus were in many places an unrestricted melting pot of Sativa strains both from South Africa and farther North like Zimbabwe and Zambia.

It’s not certain if Ciskei seeds are an actual landrace or new hybrids of other African Sativa such as Durban Poison, Rooibaard or Swazi but the genus we know as Ciskai has been growing naturally or by cultivation in the Ciskei homelands for the last three decades (at least) and long before the cannabis culture in Europe started commercially mixing African strains and calling it their own.

The murkiness of the strain comes down to politics. During apartheid in South Africa, many traditional African landrace strains were wiped out by the SAPS (South African Police Services) legendary strains like Rooibaard in South Africa were only maintained through extremely private grows or illegally transported through to African homeland regions such as Ciskei and Transkei, where the SAPS did not have authority to raid and destroy crops (even though they still did).

Durban poison and Malawi gold are ubiquitous in Kwazulu-Natal regions and almost impossible to irradicate due to the volume in backyard private production. However back in the 60’s 70’s, 80s and early 90’s cannabis in Southern Africa was uniformly termed “dagga” by the black community who would transport the various strains back and forth to homelands like Ciskei.

Over time the predominant strain that we know today as Ciskei (Which packs a Durban Poison Punch but grows a lot shorter with tighter buds) is most likely a mix of whatever African Sativa that was in the region and imports from South African farmlands such as Rooibaard, Swazi, Malawi or Durban Poison but overtime has became acclimatised to the Eastern Cape and produced a stable, hardy easy to grow and maintain backyard dagga that will sit you the fuck down to enjoy.

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