Where do Nirvana Naturals seeds come from?

We collect landrace examples from Africa with a particular interest in South African phenotypes. Most of our seed production happens in different locations in small artisan batches (which is permitted under the present law in South Africa) to ensure that there is a dedicated focus on these African heritage phenotypes and that we produce as pure African landrace strains as is possible to procure. Occasionally our supporters give us “lost” landrace strains and we test these “landrace” strains against our own examples. We believe we have the purest landraces South Africa has to offer, but are more than happy to be proven wrong.

Local knowledge and local un-official and enthusiasts have helped us to locate many of our “original” strains. A few months of research and speaking the right language to the right communities in South Africa’s 9 provinces and surrounding countries in Africa, you would be surprised how easy they are to obtain.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in South Africa?

Currently no. There is a possibility that the sale of cannabis seed does not fall within the framework of the law around cannabis in South Africa. While other South African “seedbanks” might try to argue that it is a grey area it is in-fact not. Selling cannabis in any format is still presently illegal.