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Sotho Heights seeds are the original source for many cannabis genetics that were used to create some of today’s most potent hybrids. Like many African landrace strains, it is important to preserve Sotho Heights genes in their purest form to keep them safe from commercial exploitation. Sotho Heights is an African landrace strain that has acclimatized to growing in harsh heat and extreme cold in the foothills and mountains of Lesotho. In South Africa this strain happily survives year-round backyard grows and is very forgiving for the novice gardener.

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One of the main crops in Lesotho is Cannabis. Farmers sow between mid-August and early October which is the southern spring, specifically after a period where there has been abundant rainfall. Harvesting occurs at end of summer when it’s time to prepare for winter.

Sotho Heights seeds are the perfect Sativa for you if you’re looking to grow a plant that isn’t too large and doesn’t take up much space but still packs that high THC punch. This variety does not have strong branching in comparison to other African varieties, but it produces long leaves with narrow tips which are typical of most African landrace Sativas.

The business of cannabis in Lesotho is a lucrative one as the locals have been growing it for generations. It’s known locally as “Matekoane” and has an export market that stretches around Africa to places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya.

Ever since the early settlers made deals with local tribespeople back when they first arrived at what would become modern-day Lesotho – land was swapped for Cannabis!

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