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Many people looking for an euphoric & intense journey with a creative high usually opt for Sativa based phenotypes like this Zambian beauty. When raised correctly strain carries a narrow long-fingered leaflets and produces dense and frosty heads that are heavy with resin. This plant wants to grow very tall and requires a lot of patience throughout the final flowering phase.

Nirvana Naturals is a seedbank and / or enthusiast collector and supplier of revered African heritage Sativa strain. This is celebrated Zambian “land race” cannabis variety has been around for generations and produces phenotypes which are naturally adapted to the South African climatic conditions. These robust Zambian sativa strains are globally recognised to have some of the biggest natural THC concentrations.

Historically cannabis is most frequenly cultivated outdoors in most remote communities in South Africa. The local communities view cannabis or dagga as a avenue to supplement incomes for their day to day survival as massive unemployment and government support are in short supply.

Most Zambian strains are transported into South Africa via unemployed communities became “infamous” Sativa in their own rights both locally and abroad as they are crossed with popular European and North American strains then “re-released” and marketed with new genetic concoctions.

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3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 15 Seeds, 30 Seeds, 50 Seeds

Regular or Feminised



17 to 22%



Indica or Sativa

100% Sativa

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Flowering time

80-90 days


Classic african: woody and carrots, peppery, spicy


Clear cerebral, uplifting


Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


120cm to 250cm


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