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For those who like to feel energized and uplifted, this strain of Kilimanjaro is perfect. This pure African Sativa comes from the hillsides around Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. The natives call it “elephant killer” for its stimulating effects on hunters as well as religious rituals which include pleasurable taste with a powerful effect that’s good even under poor conditions!

Kilimanjaro is a Sativa strain that has a short flowering period. It grows well, reaching as much as 250 cm in height and produces many branches both indoors and outdoors; being ready after 60-70 days of fluorescence for indoor plants whereas outdoor ones will be harvested easily in warmer climates where frosts don’t pose any danger to the plants. Plants develop amazingly big buds, so this can also be an excellent choice if you’re looking for something local to grow back home – it’s really easy!

As the original Kilimanjaro landrace is one of those strains with very little genetic variation and is a true African landrace that grows easily in the backyard or your private indoor.

Want to experience a high that’ll make you feel like Tarzan? Then this African Sativa is for you, it will get your heart pumping and then some. This tall plant can grow in both indoor or outdoor environments with no problem, making its yield 400-600g in/outdoors! If the THC content doesn’t lure ya’ then the taste of citrus fruits might grab yer attention instead (15 – 20%). Don’t wait any longer– get yourself into Africa today.

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